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My First Post April 19, 2011

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Hello, my name is Annie Loynd. I am a senior at Southern Connecticut State University. I chose to attend Southern because after a year out of state, I really missed being close to home. Now, I can go visit my hometown of Stratford whenever I please since it is only about 30 minutes from SCSU. I was also overwhelmed by my big lecture classes my Freshman year, so Southern was appealing because it is a much smaller school. My class sizes have been very small, and it’s nice to have professors and advisors know me and remember my name.

I am currently an English major with a minor in journalism. I chose to take Journalism 135, Journalism technology, to learn all of the different tools I have access to here at Southern and beyond. I really enjoyed learning Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. I enjoy blogging and am excited to start this unit on WordPress!

As far as career goals, I hope to enter graduate school after finishing up at Southern to study education. I would like to get my masters degree in education and teach high school English. With my concentration in journalism, I always hope to keep blogging and writing, and to teach my students how to be wise media consumers.

Finishing my second year at Southern, I have had many enjoyable classes. My favorite would probably have to be eighteenth century British Novel. I got to read a lot of classic literature, and really enjoyed getting into novels written by some of the best writers in English literature like Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte.


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  1. Liz Glagowski Says:

    Grade = check plus

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